Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Numb by Sean Ferrell

Somethings should be hidden. We don't want to see them and we don't care. They frighten us, repulse us, revolt us.

And yet somehow they fascinate. We know we shouldn't but still we look. Hand covering our mouth, we watch. The things that have been seen - cannot be unseen. The memories linger.

Numb is a book that covers uneasy, uncomfortable topics. Numb, the man of the book, is an amnesiac who's only skill in life is the ability to feel no pain. Rescued by a circus, he begins to make a life for himself by impaling, scourging and mutilating his body. On this journey the reader is confronted and challenged. Why do people befriend us? Do they like us for ourselves or merely for entertainment value? Do we really care if they are only using us? How far are we prepared to go to secure our future or our fame? Who can we really trust? How badly are we prepared to let our decisions hurt our friends?

Some novels are a romantic afternoon punt on the lake in the sunshine. Numb is whitewater rafting down a grade 5 river. Reader beware, you'll need to think! But at the end you might just have discovered a few things yourself and say "wow, that was something!"

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